Distributors, manufacturers and retailers can conduct cost-effective product training and sales campaigns across the entire retail network. (We already do it (e.g.) for one of the leading watch distributors in Australia and can do it for your business too.)

We sometimes refer to it as an intranet-in-a-box, but it is actually much more than that:

It is a multifunctional cloud-based software application with three core functions.

Download the feature list.


The platform is a secure, full-featured LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. (LMS).

The program is designed to:

  • Create eLearning Modules (easily created within the system)
  • Host/Store Modules (created elsewhere)
  • Allow learning modules to be viewed completed by assigned individuals
  • Optional use of assessments/ quizzes and surveys
  • Automatically keeps track of completions
  • Issue certificates automatically


The program is fully capable of hosting any documentation or files that can be hosted on a computer (including multimedia.)

FOR EXAMPLE: Franchisors can assign manuals or checklists etc. to specific learning modules or track them in dedicated folders (lockers).

Access can be managed and it is simple to update to the latest version and have the whole network get access to current documentation.

If a Franchisor does not have an Intranet set up the e-Academy system will do the job quite easily.


The e-Academy platform has a full suite of communications tools.

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Groups (e.g geographic groups)
  • RSS Feeds
  • Email
  • ... and more

In fact, franchisees don't even need an email to access the site and use the email system. Alternatively, they can set up their profile to receive email notifications in their own email accounts. Never again worry about a change of email. 


A quick welcome and overview.

A quick, high level overview.

How to create a class (or any collection of digital content)


The platform is a dedicated application to help franchisors manage their knowledge and learning properties:

It is cloud-based

  • no maintenance
  • no installation
  • always on
  • access anywhere

It is intuitive

  • It is easy to navigate as an administrator
  • It is easy to navigate for the user

It is customisable

The platform can be fully branded:

  • your colour scheme
  • your logo
  • your URL

And users can also select their home language from over a dozen popular languages, and the e-Academy system navigation menus will automatically adjust for them personally.

It is cost-effective

  • The pricing is extremely competitive and market comparisons are welcome. We are confident you will not find a comparable system that offers better value.
  • Fees are based on number of users. 

It is private & secure

  • The system is hosted on the Amazon S3 platform and they guarantee 99.9% uptime.
  • All users are password protected.
  • The system also has an API that allows you to connect with other systems.
  • Our LDAP integration allows you to leverage your existing LDAP system for performing user authentication.

It is eCommerce enabled

Franchisors have the ability to charge a fee for some training. It may for instance be a very attractive option to allow third-party training providers the opportunity to offer supplementary or optional training for Franchisees.

It is flexible

Any digital format can be offered - from simple PDFs to SCORM files.

For a series of short video tutorials that explains how the SMARTCLOUD platform can be used, visit our YouTube playlist.