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RetailSmart: Pricing for Profit ($12.87)

Getting your pricing wrong will cost you many, many dollars - depending  on the size of your business, maybe even millions.


Can you afford it? How much is it worth to you to get it right? In 36 pages (over 8000 words) we cover the 8 steps of setting the deal  retail price.

From the strategic and branding imperatives, to the practical and  tactical.  Everything you need to know about pricing.  Not too much more and certainly nothing less.

Includes many graphic illustrations as well as step by step calculations -  but you don't need a calculator because we focus on the underlying principles rather than maths.

Avoid many of the rookie mistakes that even the experienced retailers make.

Do you know why we are charging $12.87 for this product?  Buy the book and find out...

You know you need to - whether you want to or not: it is just too  important.


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RetailSmart: Visual Merchandising that Sells ($18.88)


Most eBooks on Visual Merchandising are heavy on pretty pictures, but  light on the science and the practice.

In this one you will have to read almost 20 pages before you get to the  first image. Sure, there are some pictures to illustrate some concepts -  but our focus is on understanding the tools of the trade.

Our emphasis is on how you use VM to ensure your stock productivity is optimised.

We offer a structured approach and DEEP KNOWLEDGE (almost 10,000 words  and 60 pages.)  It doesn't look as pretty as the others, but you sure will learn the  fundamental principles that will enable you to apply them in any retail  environment.


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Jump the Curve ($16.95)


This eBook will change your business and your life. It is about how entrepreneurs can take their businesses to another level - transform the enterprise.

Not for managers. Not for startups.  In 40p and over 5500 words I shares with you the essence of growing successful businesses.  This is not about internet fluff. This is a serious document that covers a lot of ground - SIMPLY.

All my experience as an academic AND as a successful, multiple entrepreneur is captured in this eBook.  It is the basis of a workshop that I charge $5000 per day for.

This is not a book that tells you HOW I DID IT- and therefore it must apply to you.

Because you are not me and I am not you and we are not in the same 'place'.  The book uncovers the principles - and applies it in a few pragmatic steps.

To learn these lessons over my lifetime cost me many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can take the shortcut.


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